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Graduation Planning Kit

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  1. Shiny Cap, Gown & Tassel Package
    Shiny Cap, Gown & Tassel Package

    List Price: $35.45

    As low as: $29.95

  2. Matte Cap, Gown & Tassel Package
    Matte Cap, Gown & Tassel Package

    List Price: $37.45

    As low as: $31.95

  3. Child Matte Cap, Gown & Tassel Package
    Child Matte Cap, Gown & Tassel Package

    List Price: $33.95

    As low as: $28.95

  4. Child Shiny Cap, Gown & Tassel Package
    Child Shiny Cap, Gown & Tassel Package

    List Price: $31.95

    As low as: $26.45

  5. Matte Gown Only
    Matte Gown Only

    List Price: $24.95

    As low as: $21.95

  6. Shiny Gown Only
    Shiny Gown Only

    List Price: $22.95

    As low as: $19.95

  7. Child Matte Gown Only
    Child Matte Gown Only

    List Price: $20.95

    As low as: $17.95

  8. Child Shiny Gown Only
    Child Shiny Gown Only

    List Price: $18.95

    As low as: $15.95

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Gold Graduation Cap And Gown

At GraduationSource, we're proud to offer gold graduation regalia that makes a serious impression. Gold is the designated color for graduates in psychology, while golden yellow is designated for the general sciences. Traditionally, graduates should wear gold if they've earned a degree in one of these departments. Gold often symbolizes prosperity, love, compassion, and wisdom. This bright and extravagant hue will bring even more cheer to this momentous occasion.

Academic regalia dates back to the Middle Ages, conveying honor and prestige to graduates for centuries. Established in 1893, the American Academic Costume Code created the intercollegiate color code for various majors and subjects. Gold is specific to psychology and the sciences. If your department elects to wear gold at commencement, students can still accessorize by decorating their caps and donning a tassel.

Designed with 100% polyester, our gold gowns are offered in 15 different sizes. Gold bachelor's gowns are designed with subtle fluting around the shoulders and decorative piping around the neckline. Master's gowns have distinctive long sleeves, and doctoral gowns have black velvet piping that runs down the arms. Meanwhile, our woven polyester caps have a form-fitting elastic band that fits most adults. We also offer large-quantity discounts on gold gowns for your entire academic department.

We have a wide array of finishes, too. Depending on your school's preference, we offer gold graduation caps and gowns in a shiny or matte finish. Matte gowns look incredible in flash photos, while shiny gowns drape nicely and tend to be more comfortable. In particular, we think the shiny gold gowns make a grand and luxurious statement, while still having a classic look.

Most schools have unique traditions for graduation regalia, and gold is a zesty and vibrant shade. With a gold graduation cap and gown, students can still play around with their shoes, hair, and accessories. For instance, a gold tassel at graduation creates the perfect color contrast with a cap, and it makes for a lasting memento. All in all, a gold gown brings a ray of sunshine to the commencement festivities.

Likewise, honors recipients can wear gold honor cords to indicate cum laude, summa cum laude, or magna cum laude status. Crafted from high-quality fabric, our cords and tassels are available in wide range of colors that accent our gold graduation gowns. A variety of honors societies also use gold cords, like the Spanish National Honor Society, the Beta Club, and the Who's Who award.

Meanwhile, our silk honors stoles and sashes signify that your graduate has garnered a special academic achievement. We also offer personalized medals with Old English engravings. These signify a variety of honors, whether they're a Kindergarten grad or a cum laude recipient. Excited to wear gold attire on graduation day? At GraduationSource, we love academic traditions that bring graduates together around the world, like donning gold at commencement. Visit our blog for more graduation planning tips, or contact us today to learn more.

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