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Red, White & Blue Honor Cord

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Minimum Quantity 1

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  • 10 - 49 $8.95
  • 50 - 99 $8.45
  • 100 - 249 $7.95
  • 250 - 499 $7.45
  • 500+ $6.45
  • Polyester Rayon Strands
  • 4" (10cm) Tassel on Each End
  • 62" (157cm) Cord
  • Available in Red, White, and Blue
  • Minimum Order Qty 10

Intertwined Honor Cords

Our intertwined honor cords are a perfect accessory to represent your honor students, class achievements and society groups. Measuring approximately 62 inches long, these tricolored cords consist of sturdy polyester twisted strands. Each end of the cord consists of three-toned 4 inch tassels making the full length of the cord about 70 inches long. This is a great way to honor your graduate for their hard work and accomplishments. Choose this Red, White and Blue cord for a colorful and patriotic look.

How Do I Wear my Cord?

  • 1. Put on graduation gown.
  • 2. Remove cord from packaging. Drape the cord over your shoulders and around back of your neck. If you are wearing a collar, tuck the cord(s) underneath.
  • 3. Make sure the cord(s) fall evenly (in front) on both sides down the outside of your gown
  • 4. Enlist the help of a friend or faculty member to adjust the placement on the rear of the hood.

TIP: Pin the cords in place with a safety pin in the back of the gown below the neckline or underneath your hood to ensure it does not fall of or slip out of place

There is a minimum quantity of 10 or more to order intertwined cords. Need less? Check out our single or double cords!

Cord Details:

  • Polyester fibers in Red, White and Blue
  • 70" (178cm) total length from end to end
  • 4" three colored tassel on each end
  • One Size Fits Most Teens and Adults
prestigious national honor societies

Check Out Our Infographic: Honorable Guide To Honer Societies

Educational institutions across the world have honor society chapters that recognize students who excel in academics, leadership, service, research, and extracurricular activities. These honor societies create a community for outstanding students to develop their personal, academic, and professional goals. They foster leadership and business skills by promoting networking, holding workshops, and encouraging further education through scholarships.

See the Guide
  • What is an honor cord?

    An honor cord is a symbol containing three small twisted cords with 4” knotted tassels on either end. Sometimes, cords come in pairs with a knot in the middle to hold them together which is referred to as a double cord. These honorary cords are typically used to show a “rite of passage”

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