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Clergy and pulpit robes are special garments that designate a church member's status. Many religious denominations have rules for what each clergy member can wear, including priests, bishops, and chaplains. For example, in the Eastern Orthodox church, priests typically wear a black robe with an inner cassock, while a bishop will also wear a panagia (an icon of the Virgin Mary) to signify their religious standing. At GraduationSource, we offer a wide selection of robes for the entire clergy.

No matter your size, we have a variety of robes for the smallest and tallest clerics in your church. Designed for comfort, the robes are crafted with high-quality materials that will last for many years. If you need help selecting a robe, we invite you to speak with our educated staff. Chat with us live, right from your browser, or call (800) 352-6162 to find out more about our clergy and pulpit robes. Thank you for visiting GraduationSource!