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Graduation Planning Kit

Cap & Gown FREE Sample

A Ceremony Planning Kit For Any Graduation Coordinator

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  1. Child Graduate Medal
    Child Graduate Medal
    Special Price $5.95 Regular Price $6.95 As low as $3.95
  2. Deluxe Garment Bag
    Deluxe Garment Bag
    List Price: $29.95
  3. Single Honor Cord
    Single Honor Cord
    List Price: $6.95

    As low as: $3.95

  4. Double Honor Cord
    Double Honor Cord
    List Price: $7.95

    As low as: $4.95

  5. Adult Plain Stole
    Adult Plain Stole
    List Price: $11.95

    As low as: $8.95

  6. Adult V-Stole
    Adult V-Stole
    List Price: $14.95

    As low as: $11.95

  7. Adult Plain Stole - Extended Lengths
    Adult Plain Stole - Extended Lengths
    List Price: $12.95

    As low as: $9.45

  8. Child Plain Stole
    Child Plain Stole
    List Price: $11.95

    As low as: $8.95

  9. Child V-Stole
    Child V-Stole
    List Price: $13.95

    As low as: $10.95

  10. Child Single Color Tassel
    Child Single Color Tassel
    List Price: $5.45

    As low as: $2.95

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Items 1-36 of 74

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Graduation Accessories

Our graduation accessories are the final finishing touches for your big day and make your ceremony and school stand out from the crowd. From additional graduation day embellishments link intertwined cords and stoles to honors medals, rings and more, our accessories add a memorable accent to any ceremony.

Tassels make wonderful keepsakes for your graduates, and we offer single and bicolored tassel options to suit every taste. Each tassel is emblazoned with an eye-catching signet charm to commemorate the occasion and makes a lasting keepsake.

Stoles, sashes and honor cords add a final touch to your graduation day ensemble and can be used for a variety of purposes. Our specialty graduation ceremony accessories make it easy to call attention to your highest achieving students, star athletes and award winners at your commencement ceremony.

Graduation Accessories; Tassels, Cords, Stoles, Medals & More.

Our Graduation Accessories include

  • Honor cords to match every color combination or school color
  • Sashes and stoles to highlight your top performing students
  • Soft and silky tassels to accent every graduation cap and serve as a lasting memento of the day

Tip: Choose one or two accessories and then customize them to match your students and awards.

Offering everything from pre-K to college graduation accessories, GraduationSource provides the finishing touches to your special end-of-year ceremonies, with options for all schooling levels and achievements. Our products are made to be bought in bulk by educational institutions. Whether you’re looking for kindergarten graduation accessories for a special ceremony or high school graduation accessories for seniors, come to us.

Commencement Planning Kit

Free Sample Cap & Gown

Graduation Coordinators Only

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