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  • Cap, Gown & Tassel Package (your color & fabric preference)
  • Shiny & Matte Fabric Swatches (14 colors)
  • Thermo-graphed Sample Diploma
  • Diploma Cover Leatherette Swatches (5 colors)
  • Product Catalog & Ordering Material
  • GraduationSource Keepsake Box
  • Your Graduation Checklist – 30 Checks to The Perfect Ceremony

You Also Receive 2 FREE eBooks:

Your Graduation Survival Strategies

  • 11 Dates You Can't Afford To Forget
  • 4 Important Locations You'll Need Setup
  • 7 Important Vendors You'll Work With
  • 82 Helpful Tips to a Successful Ceremony

Fundraising Fundamentals

  • 7 Tips to Better Understanding School Fundraisers
  • 5 Steps to Lay the Groundwork for your Fundraiser
  • 10 Creative Fundraising Ideas
  • 8 Important Notes on Setting-Up the Event

A Complete Package For Any Graduation Coordinator

Please Note: All samples requests are reviewed prior to their shipment. Free samples are only sent to qualified schools and educational institutions within the USA & Canada. Samples are not currently sent to residential addresses and are only sent to street addresses (FedEx cannot deliver to PO Boxes). If your sample request is reviewed and declined you will be sent an email notifying you of the reason. If you are a representative of a home school, you will need to make a special request via phone.