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Masters & Grad School Regalia

A Master's degree is a great accomplishment. Be ready for the celebration with the proper academic apparel. GraduationSource carries everything your college is likely to require. Packages that include the entire ensemble make it cheap and easy to get a quality outfit for graduation. Faculty in some fields such as business and library science usually hold a masters degree such as the MBA and MLS. For formal ceremonies, these instructors need a cap and gown indicative of their academic achievements.

Masters Graduation Regalia

Masters caps, gowns and tassels are the standard ceremony attire package. Deluxe and premium fabrics make fluted robes that are durable and exquisite. A wide size range means your gown will fit you just right, no matter how big or small. Caps come in matte or shiny fabric in case you need to match an existing robe.

Masters Graduation Regalia & Accessories

Some schools require hoods for their graduates. Packages with gowns, caps, and hoods are available to indicate your academic discipline. We can help you order the correct hood with chevron, lining and velvet colors as specified by your college.

If you plan to wear your academic regalia again, for example as a high school principal at annual graduation ceremonies, you may want to upgrade your attire with a comfortable adjustable mortarboard or Masters caps. Honor cords, stoles and other accessories are also available to customize your ensemble. Our deluxe fluted Masters gown meets high quality standards and will look its best year after year. Sizes are available for the tallest to the most petite of faculty, so everyone looks perfect for the occasion. Matching caps are also available. The Signature Masters Graduation Gown, Cap, and Tassel Package is an affordable option for new faculty in need of regalia. Items are also sold separately if you need something to complete an ensemble.


The Masters hoods are slightly shorter than a Doctoral hood, but just as beautiful. Ordering the correct hood colors can be confusing, so we help you determine the chevron and velvet colors for your institution and academic discipline.