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Bachelors Graduation Regalia

Bachelors graduation regalia comes in many school colors. Choose premium or economy fabrics for your gown, according to your school's preference. Deluxe black gowns are also available for the most formal graduation ceremonies. Graduates who will be high school teachers may want to invest in a deluxe gown that can be worn again for annual high school graduations. Packages including Bachelors cap and gown offer the best value and ensure you have everything you need at once.

Bachelor Graduation Cap, Gown, Hoods and Honor Stoles

Some colleges require hoods for all degree levels, while others require them only for Doctorates. We carry collegiate caps and Bachelors graduation hoods in the standard colors for all academic disciplines. If you need an honor stole to wear with your robe, let us say, "Congratulations!" Stoles are available in gold as well as an array of popular school colors.

College graduation is a worthy accomplishment, and it is our pleasure to provide you with the quality academic finery you have earned.