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Kindergarten, Pre-K, & Day Care Regalia

Your smallest graduates work hard, so give them the recognition they deserve by outfitting them in real graduation robes and gowns, just like the big kids wear. Our Kindergarten regalia is designed to perfectly suit small children and modeled after our top quality robes for big kids and adults.

Pre-K regalia is available in our full range of colors, so you can choose one or a dozen shades to represent your school. Each robe is made from long lasting, tough polyester and designed to last for years; you’ll be able to reuse your Day Care regalia again and again and truly make the most of this important investment

Paper and handmade hats may be cute, but they don’t make it through a ceremony intact. Our Kindergarten regalia and robes are designed to withstand multiple ceremonies and are easy to clean and maintain, too.

Our Kindergarten, Pre-K & Day Care Regalia collection features :

  • Caps, gowns, tassels and accessories perfectly proportioned for kids
  • A rainbow of colors to match every color theme or school district color combination
  • Cheerful, colorful diplomas, certificates and documents to mark the occasion

Tip: Pick one or more colors to showcase your students on the big day, and create a memorable and elegant ceremony.