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Elementary School Regalia

Graduation day is a milestone achievement for kids too; our elementary school regalia is designed to keep your students comfortable and presentable on the big day. Crafted from tough and durable polyester fabric, our kids’ robes and caps can be used year after year to celebrate the occasion in style.

Our kids’ graduation caps and gowns are scaled down versions of our classic adult models and make a big impact on your commencement day. We’ve redesigned the traditional graduation day garb to perfectly suit elementary school children and added plenty of features to allow for a full range of comfortable movement.

Gowns and caps in a variety of colors are just the start; we offer a full range of elementary school regalia designed to make your ceremony special. From honors robes and accessories to diplomas and certificates, we have everything you need to make the big day something truly special.

Our Elementary School Regalia options include :

  • Kid sized versions of our traditional robe and cap styles
  • Accessories for honors and top performing students
  • Certificates of recognition, awards and other documents to complete the event

Tip: Our satin and matte finishes have a different impact on each color, be sure to check both styles for your perfect match!