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Choir Robes

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Today, church musicians in the Christian faith wear choir robes as their formal attire. Ancient Greeks wore an early version of this flowing garment, and hundreds of years later, the first Christian clergy members wore them to signify their religious standing. The style eventually spread into the choir section, and today, modern church choirs don robes in a variety of colors. At GraduationSource, we’re proud to carry choir robes in a wide array of styles.

Depending on your size, we have robe options that fit the smallest and tallest singers in your congregation. Our choir robes meet the highest quality standards, so your church can enjoy them for years. Many religious denominations have a distinct dress code for choir attire, so if you need help selecting a garment, we invite you to speak with our knowledgeable staff! Chat with us live, right from our website, or call (800) 352-6162 to learn more about our choir robes. Thank you for visiting GraduationSource.