Planning a Kindergarten Graduation

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How to Plan a Kindergarten Graduation

Springtime is here, and your little Kindergarteners are about to start the next stage of their educational journey. To make the graduation ceremony a truly memorable event, we’ve shared a few Kindergarten graduation ideas that students and parents will appreciate. Sometimes, a few fun decorations and sing-a-longs can make all the difference.

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Spend an Afternoon Decorating the Classroom

In the week leading up to graduation, teachers can plan a few arts and crafts sessions with their kids, so that the classroom looks festive. For example, you can have each student draw an outline of their hand on colorful construction paper, and then paste all the projects on a giant poster. Students can also decorate their graduation caps with their name, a few rhinestones, and a colorful tassel.

Kindergarten Graduation 2

Design Custom Invitations

Meanwhile, teachers can allow parents and students to create their own invitations if they want. There are a wide variety of custom printing services online, such as Pear Tree, Minted, and Shutterfly. Choose from hundreds of well-designed templates, upload a high-quality photo of your little graduate, select a color scheme, and add a few lines of text.

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Practice the Diploma Handoff

For many students, Kindergarten graduation will be the first graduation they’ve ever experienced. To help guide them through the ceremony, we recommend practicing the seating arrangement when students arrive. Then, you can show them how to receive the diploma with their left hand, and give the teacher/principal a handshake with their right. Rehearse the ceremony a few times before the big day, and everyone will feel more relaxed.

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Showcase Your Students’ Talents

Graduation isn’t just about giving inspirational speeches and reading a list of students’ names. It’s also the perfect forum for students to sing a poignant graduation song, or for the teacher to play a slideshow of student highlights from the school year. You can also give out a few fun awards to exceptional students, like the “Future Superhero” or “Future Movie Star” award.

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Give Out Party Favors

Ready to plan an unforgettable graduation? With the help of students, parents, and the limitless resources of the Internet, you can host an incredible ceremony that sends Kindergarteners to 1st grade with confidence. Visit the GraduationSource blog for more graduation ideas and planning tips!

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End the Ceremony

Finally, when the ceremony comes to a close, you can reward graduates with a tasty treat at the reception. There are so many fun graduation-themed recipes online, like these cute Candy Cup Caps, which combine a peanut butter cup, chocolate, and sour straws into a mini graduation cap on a stick.