Types of Graduation Stoles

8 Graduation Stole Types

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Greetings, future graduates, faculty, parents, and all prospective customers! Have you ever wondered what the point is in wearing a graduation stole? As discussed in our History of Graduation Stoles blog, you wear stoles around the neck and falling over the shoulders. They can represent a variety of awards, club memberships, and achievements. The following is a guide to all …

13 Steps to Design a Great Graduation Diploma

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GraduationSource has high-quality stock “Diploma of Graduation” certificates available for immediate shipment. However, why not take a little more time and let us fully customize your school’s diploma? We offer many different styles and options to create the perfect certificate for your school’s needs. Here are the thirteen steps we take to design the ideal diploma for you. Are we …


5 Benefits of Starting a Student Internship

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High school graduation is a life-changing moment. It marks a transition into adulthood, where many children move out of the house and become fully independent. Once the graduation festivities are over, summer will be in full swing, with college just around the corner. Now is the time to enjoy your friends and family, prepare for college life, and challenge yourself …


15 Unusual College Degrees That Are Actually Real

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Weird college degrees can span almost every subject, from pop culture to beer brewing. If you’re looking for an eccentric education, there are plenty of options beyond the traditional academic disciplines. Below, we’ve shared 15 unusual college degrees that you can take at some of the most unconventional schools in the world. Harrisburg Area Community College in Pennsylvania will train …