How to Measure High School Students for Gowns

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High School Graduation Gown Measuring

In this practical guide, we’ve shared a few useful techniques for graduation cap and gown measurements, so your high school students look their best on graduation day. If you’re ordering custom attire, just follow this measurement process from head to toe, and your cap and gown will fit like a glove.

Graduation Gown Measuring 1

Set Up a Height Chart

First, you need an accurate way to measure your height, such as a height chart that you can tape to a wall. Knowing your height is extremely important if you want to order a gown that fits. Once you’ve set up a height chart, stand up straight with your back pressed against the wall, just like how your parents measured your height when you were a kid. If you don’t have a height chart, you can ask a friend to help you with a tape measure.

Graduation Gown Measuring 2

Weigh Yourself with an Accurate Scale

Next, you need to provide a weight measurement so that the gown isn’t too loose or tight. Most graduation rental services only need your height and weight unless you’re ordering a custom-tailored outfit. Luckily, you can obtain these measurements at home, without requiring a second person’s help.

Graduation Gown Measuring 3

Find Out Your Cap Size, If Necessary

Many graduation caps are designed with adjustable sizing. However, if the cap requires a custom measurement, you’ll need to invest in some measuring tape. Wrap the tape around the widest section of your head, which is usually the area just above your ears. You may need to ask a friend or family member to help you with this measurement.

Graduation Gown Measuring 4

Measure Your Sleeve, Chest, and Waist

Finally, if your graduation offers custom attire, you’ll need to make a few more detailed body measurements. Start by bending your arm slightly at the hip, and measure the distance from the nape of your neck to your wrist. This is known as your “sleeve.” Next, put on the clothes you plan on wearing after the ceremony (i.e., under your gown). Measure the widest section of your chest, and the thinnest section of your waist, so that the tailored gown drapes properly over your frame.

Graduation Gown Measuring 5

Don’t Want to Measure Students?

Not satisfied with measuring students for their graduation caps and gowns? At GraduationSource, we offer a robust Student Ordering Portal, where students can order their graduation attire and have it shipped to the school (or directly to their home). We also provide free product samples, ceremony planning tips, and a wide variety of educator resources.

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