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15 Great Homeschool Resources

With so many blogs about homeschooling out there, it can be hard to find quality lesson plans and printable coursework that’s well-suited for your child. Below, we’ve shared 15 of our favorite homeschool resources, which include personal blogs, how-to guides, and curriculum reviews. We hope these websites help to spark an inspiring phase in your child’s education!

15 Great Homeschool Resources 1

The #1 homeschooling resource on the web. Filled with priceless how-to guides, course materials, and curriculum from K-12.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 2


Founded by a Christian mother of three, this blog is packed with printable materials, homeschooling tools, and bible stories.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 3

Confessions of a Homeschooler:

This insightful blog includes helpful course schedules for grades 1 through 7, as well as printable resources and DIY crafts.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 4

Homeschool Creations:

Dedicated to homeschooling, a mother of four shares some of her favorite teaching tips and lesson plans, with plenty of personal stories along the way.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 5

Living Montessori Now:

Founded by a former teacher and school owner, this blog includes valuable information and class activities in the Montessori teaching style.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 6

Teach Preschool:

Deborah J. Stewart has a master degree in Early Childhood Education, runs a private preschool, and takes photos of her classes so that other teachers can benefit. Whether you’re homeschooling or teaching at a private school, there are hundreds of great lessons and games here.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 7

Parent at the Helm:

Author and homeschooling expert Linda Dobson shares the latest education news, product reviews, and essential homeschool information. If you’re new to homeschooling and don’t know where to start, Linda also offers affordable phone and email consultations.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 8

No Time for Flash Cards:

This fun and imaginative blog’s filled with activities that can spice up any lesson plan. You’ll find resources for every level of early childhood education, from infancy to elementary school.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 9

Preschoolers and Peace:

Written from a Christian perspective, Kendra Fletcher shares her experience homeschooling eight children. This blog is packed with teaching strategies, tools, and reading materials.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 10

The Crafty Classroom:

This website has a wealth of teaching resources, including crafts, printables, and valuable DIY tools. Subscribe to the free email newsletter for even more free templates and games.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 11

Read-Aloud Revival:

Based on a popular podcast, Sarah Mackenzie shares how reading to your children can help the learning process, while also bringing your family closer together. There’s also a variety of homeschooling resources, including booklists, games, and helpful curriculum.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 12

Hip Homeschool Moms:

This online hub offers a place for parents to exchange homeschooling tips, review curriculum, and connect with other families. Additionally, all of the main contributors are homeschool moms with wisdom to share.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 13

Life of a Homeschool Mom:

The founder of this site is Heather Bowen. She offers an honest perspective of what it’s like to balance homeschooling with household chores. She does so while also making time for her marriage.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 14

My Joy-Filled Life:

This site’s articles are packed with homeschooling tips and advice about pregnancy and parenting. This blog is a precious resource for new mothers and home educators.

15 Great Homeschool Resources 15

Only Passionate Curiosity:

Written by a homeschooling mom in a military family, this blog takes a secular approach to the homeschooling curriculum. Here, you’ll find booklists, virtual field trips, printable materials, and guides on lesson planning.