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GraduationSource Early Bird Program Details (Old)

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What is the Early Bird Program?

Attention: Graduation Coordinators!

It’s that time of year again. Yes, kids and teachers are back to school, but that’s not what we are talking about. We are already thinking about graduation, and we think you should too. The chances are that you’ve heard of our Early Bird promotion. You may be thinking, “Graduation gowns? The school year has just begun.” Our preorder program was created to help plan and save on graduation costs. When you order early in the school year, this helps us prepare inventory, which saves us time and money. Why should you care? When our costs are reduced, we pass our savings on to you.

Long-Term Customers & Long-Term Discounts

Many of our customers have been with us for five or more years, and new customers usually stick with us. GraduationSource prides itself on fast, friendly and cost-effective service. We are confident that we can fulfill all your graduation needs when it comes to speed, quality, and cost. For this reason, it is essential to formalize our relationship with a graduation supplier agreement. While a contract may seem intimidating to some, its real purpose is to ensure you have inventory availability, our lowest possible pricing, and time to plan.

We have three Early Bird Enrollment options:

  • 1 Year Contract—15% off all stock and custom products
  • 2 Year Contract—20% off all stock and custom products
  • 3 Year Contract—25% off all stock and custom products (WOW!)

AND Your First Order After Signing a Commitment will Ship FREE*

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Commitment Not-So-Fine Print

To offer you these discounts, we need time to plan and prepare our inventory for graduation season. Therefore, we require that early bird participants sign up between August and December. you may sign-up all year round, but only those who sign-up within that period will receive free shipping on their first order. Be forewarned though, if you sign-up for two or three years, but only order the first year, unfortunately, you’ll be sent a bill for the previously discounted amount.

Early Bird Sale / GraduationSource Preorder Program 3

Want to Sign a Graduation Supply Commitment?

Here are the easy steps to signing up for our early bird savings program:

  1. Fill Out the Request Form:  Click Here to Fill Out The Reservation Form
  2. Choose Commitment Duration: 1-3 years: The longer the contract, the better the savings!
  3. Receive Your Quote: Obtain an official GraduationSource estimate.
  4. Make a Commitment: Sign the agreement and send it back!
  5. Order When Ready: And receive discounted rates for years to come!
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Get Your Students Outfitted!

Your students are graduation-ready. You not only avoided the stress of last-minute planning, but you saved your school or organization money. Depending on the enrollment option you chose, you’ll feel relieved to know that your school will keep those same low rates for years to come. Our Early Bird savings are very competitive, so we can only offer a limited number of customers to enroll each year.

Act fast and sign up now to reserve your spot today.

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