GraduationSource Scholarship Winner Announced

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The GraduationSource 2016-2017 Scholarship

Finds Its Lucky Recipient

Graduation Source believes that everyone ought to have access to a college education in a field that inspires them. That is why we have recently awarded our 2016-2017 Scholarship to a worthy recipient who shared her ambitions on Instagram.

Scholarship Winner - Image Selection

The Lucky Winner

The scholarship for $750 went to Geraldine Lonsdale, a high school senior in Vallejo Hills, CA. Geraldine plans to attend UC Berkeley and study Psychology with the ultimate goal of becoming an occupational therapist. Her inspiration comes from her time working at Brookdale Senior Center as a waitress to the long-term care residents.

Geraldine’s own father was a resident of Brookdale for two years following a stroke. She was moved by the way the support staff and how they treated him with kindness, respect, and care. This, along with her own experience at Brookdale, made Geraldine realize that she could make a difference in people’s lives.

She plans to continue to make a difference in the lives of seniors and other vulnerable populations with her degree and in her future career.

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The Scholarship Requirements

GraduationSource believes that a picture is worth a thousand words. We also recognize the importance social media plays in the lives of young people. That’s why we chose to hold the competition for our scholarship on Instagram.

Applicants were asked to post a picture that inspired them, along with a short description that explained the photo’s relevance to them and their chosen major. In addition to the photo and description, applicants must retain a high GPA and otherwise demonstrate a readiness for college.

The requirements left a lot open to interpretation, and applicants used it as a chance to show off their creativity. Photos ranged from an artistic shot taken by an aspiring photography major, to family pictures and the stories behind them. Many applicants posted pictures of themselves at work or volunteering and discussed how their experience so far has inspired them to delve more deeply into their field of choice.

Applying for the Scholarship

We award our Scholarship once per year so if you didn’t get a chance to apply this time you’ll have another chance soon. This scholarship is available to college seniors and existing college undergraduates who want to earn a little extra money towards their study. Start perusing your favorite photos by using the hashtag #GraduationSource to find the one that inspires you.