Education Podcasts to Start Listening to in 2018

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Education Podcasts to Start Listening to in 2018

In this guide, we’ve shared some of our favorite, free education podcasts. Perfect for long commutes or late-night lesson planning, our recommendations cover a variety of fascinating topics – ranging from teaching techniques, industry advice, and in-depth debates about pedagogies. Get inspired and inject new ideas into your lesson plans with these podcasts!

Podcast #1

Education Podcasts 1

Educate: Partnered with American Public Media; this podcast covers important news stories in the educational system. From shining a light on school food programs, alternative solutions for struggling students, or the benefits of in-class yoga, these episodes help inform the community about the state of education.

Podcast #2

Education Podcasts 2

Talks with Teachers: In this engaging interview podcast, host Brian Sztabnik talks with teachers and authors from diverse backgrounds. His guests share personal stories in the classroom, and the failures that helped them grow. All in all, it offers a wealth of knowledge for new teachers.

Podcast #3

Education Podcasts 3

The Cult of Pedagogy: This podcast covers teaching strategies, classroom management, and new technologies. Hosted by former middle school teacher Jennifer Gonzalez, the Cult of Pedagogy focuses on practical teaching knowledge that you can put into action.

Podcast #4

Education Podcasts 4

The EdSurge Podcast: EdSurge is a popular resource for teachers, with education product reviews, a jobs board, news stories, and much more. Not to mention, it summarizes the week’s education stories and hosts stimulating debates on pedagogy. For example, a recent episode with author Dan Pink explores time management and making the most of a school day.

Podcast #5

Education Podcasts 5

The 10-Minute Teacher Podcast: ┬áIf you don’t have time for long-form interview podcasts, this 10-minute show cuts right to the chase. Host Vicki Davis structures her daily podcast with a special theme, such as Motivational Mondays and Thought Leader Thursdays. Each episode covers a specific tip or trend, such as tablet-based learning, co-created curriculums, and tools for busy teachers.

Ready to take your teaching to the next level?

We hope you enjoy these education podcasts, and learn too ideas and strategies to bring into your classrooms. Visit the GraduationSource blog for even more educational resources that can benefit teachers and students alike.