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GraduationSource Reviews: Customer Satisfaction 

This article outlines how to access GraduationSource Reviews in Real-Time. It also explains a bit about the Core Values, Brand Pillars, and Brand Promises that have led to the positive GraduationSource reviews you’ll find linked within this post.

What is Customer Satisfaction?

The masters of defining everything over at Wikipedia define it as “a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation”. To us, it’s more than just a simple definition; it’s why we are here. Within every employee training manual, displayed proudly on every wall, are our core values. Our single most important value is to be “Insanely Customer Centric”. 

GraduationSource Reviews

Actual GraduationSource Reviews

“Your company has always been excellent in customer service and speed of service. I have not looked to place my orders anywhere else as I am fully satisfied every time I order. Thanks for your dedication and optimal service!” Pastor Angel Enriquez (Pentecostal Church of God)

“Your team is AMAZING! The service was excellent. I made a mistake on my order and used the online chat and Amanda fixed it for me. I was stressing about my order arriving on time and Chantel helped to check on the status several times. Both of my orders arrived on time and were perfect! Thank you so much!” – James Markham (World of Wonder)

“The staff at Graduation Source has ALWAYS been helpful, professional and knowledgeable when assisting me with my order each year.”  – Nancy Johnson (Fayette County Adult Education)

“You came through when the chips were down I just wish my granddaughter wouldn’t procrastinate so much thank you kindly you gave her memories she will have for the rest of her life, again thank you!” Barry Smith (Concerned Grandparent)

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GraduationSource Reviews

Real-Time Customer Surveys

In 2015 we started using a company named Survey Monkey to ask customers questions about our products, services, delivery, prices, and overall satisfaction.

While we always have taken the time to survey our customers, now we survey every single client who works with us. Instead of a small pond of participants, we now have an ocean; and we’re more than willing to swim around in it.

While not every client we asked provided feedback, thousands did. Thanks to them, we’ve received invaluable insights into the minds of our customers. Every single review we receive is read by our team to ensure that every member of every department is invested completely in the improvement of our customer experience.

Over 3,000 Customers have taken the time to fill out our two question survey. Because of them, our service improves day after day, year after year.

Email [email protected] if you were a customer in the past and would like to provide a GraduationSource Review.

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GraduationSource Reviews


Our Brand Pillars

Every structure has a support system that holds it in place. We feel that applies to both people and businesses. In order to stand tall and stay strong, a good foundation must be laid, and good support system put in place. We refer to our foundation as Brand Pillars and we display them proudly on the GraduationSource homepage. What are those pillars and why would they lead to a positive GraduationSource Review? We’ve outlined them below:


With dozens of online businesses out there claiming to be the best, claiming to be the largest, and claiming to be trustworthy. How do you know that the company is real? How do you know they are who they say they are? Much of our business comes from customer referrals. While we may spend money on marketing, our largest clients (and most dedicated), come from word of mouth referrals. When you’ve been in business over 50 years, like we have, word tends to get around. What’s the word? GraduationSource can be trusted to make your graduation perfect.


We pioneered technical specifications for a large majority of the products we manufacture. What does that mean? We designed, cut, measured, tested, inspected, and photographed our products all by ourselves. We inspect every single step of the manufacturing process. From the dying of thread, the weaving the fabric, cutting the patterns, stitching of the components, steam cleaning, folding, packaging, and the final shipping to our warehouse; GraduationSource monitors it all. We have every step closely watched to ensure that every garment and accessory you receive is of the highest quality. As an organization, we adhere to the highest standards of manufacturing and we proudly stand behind every item we sell.


Not only do we ensure you’re getting the best products, from a real bonafide U.S.A. based and operated organization, we ensure that your budget and bank aren’t broken as a result of working with us. We believe affordability is just as important as quality. Through major technological breakthroughs and refinements to our quality control processes, we are able to save costs in manufacturing, and we pass those savings onto you. But more than lowering prices, we seek to ADD VALUE. Adding real value is another one of our core values. We try to add value to everything we do. We provide extra value in our products, our services, and every interaction we have with you.

GraduationSource Reviews

Our Brand Promises

More than just our core values and brand pillars, we make promises. Promises that we keep. We at GraduationSource have three brand promises that guarantee satisfaction and amazing GraduationSource Reviews.

Product Guarantee

GraduationSource guarantees all of its products to be free of manufacturing defects due to materials and/or workmanship. In the event a product is found to be defective, we will quickly and efficiently process the return and exchange for the item (or items) in question for up to 60 days from the date of delivery. Selling products that are of the “Highest Quality on the Market” – is a major promise we always intend to keep.

Delivery Guarantee

Graduation day is a seriously important day. It cannot be easily moved or rescheduled. Delivering to you by the date you need it is key to our relationship, and more importantly to the success of your ceremony. If for any reason your date cannot be met you will be notified with more than enough time to make other arrangements. We will go out of our way to send you products to ensure you graduation ceremony goes off without a hitch, even if that means upgrading your products to a higher priced product, free of charge. ”Never Miss a Date” – is one of our key brand promises.

Availability Guarantee

When your graduation is coming up, you can’t wait for days on end for a reply. Sometimes even waiting more than 24 hours for a reply is completely stressful and just plain old not OK! Here at GraduationSource “You Can Always Get in Touch”, our final, but not least of our brand promises to you, is to respond to every inquiry you shoot our way in 24 hours or less. Trust us, it’s usually much much less.

GraduationSource Reviews

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our company. Thank you for reading our blog!

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