How to Wear a Graduation Cap

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Who knows what the weather will be like on your graduation day, it might be picture perfect or anything but. If the wind picks up, your graduation cap could blow right off your head before you make it to the stage. If you’re like most graduates, you probably only want your graduation cap airborne at the end of the ceremony. Below, we’ve shared …

How to Find the Right School for You

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Finding the Right School By Hannah Smith With thousands of four-year colleges and universities in the US (and thousands more abroad), it’s difficult to know whether a school is right for you. What makes for a good school fit? How can I tell if I’ll be happy at a school? What are the best ways to research schools? When do …

How to Write a Graduation Speech

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Graduation Speech Writing Below, we’ve shared how to write a graduation speech that connects with your peers, so you can avoid clichés and deliver a message that is equally heartfelt and entertaining. We’ve also included some graduation speech examples for use as a launch point for your writing. Brainstorm Ideas and Themes Start the process by jotting down stories, events, …

Graduation Announcement Etiquette

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Graduation Announcements The months leading up to graduation are a hectic time for students, with papers, final exams, and fond farewells among friends. Sending out a formal graduation announcement is probably the last thing on their minds. However, a well-crafted invitation will make your family proud, and they’ll always have it as a memento of your special day. Below, we’ve …

Graduation Party Planning Timeline

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It Is Graduation Party Time! Below, we’ve shared how to plan a graduation party to honor your child’s achievements. Bring your friends and family together to make some spectacular memories. Think of this article as your graduation party checklist. We’ve broken down the planning process into a digestible timeline. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with errands a few days before …

3 Great DIY Graduation Party Ideas

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3 DIY Graduation Party Ideas Graduation season is always full of parties, and if you’ve been racking your brain trying to think of ways to make your grad party stand out, look no further! This infographic highlights some fun DIY projects — a photo booth, a recipe, and a gift idea — that will make your party special! Feel free …

How to Plan a Graduation For Homeschooled Students

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Homeschool Graduation Planning Homeschooling offers benefits for many families, but it can have its challenges. One of these struggles is making homeschool graduation seem like the big, life-changing event it is. When your child doesn’t have a class to walk with, academic awards to receive or college plans to share with peers, graduating may not seem like a very big deal …

College Orientation: How to Survive Your First Week of College

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5 Tips to Surviving College Orientation Freshman orientation goes by in a flash. It’s a time for meeting tons of new people, having unfamiliar experiences, and getting used to life away from the nest. With so much going on in such a short period of time, you should take advantage of it. Putting in extra effort during your first week …

5 Super easy steps to show off your graduation memories.

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Graduation Memories 5 Steps to Build a Graduation Keepsake Box Ever think about showing off your achievements for everyone to see? Here are 5 steps to enjoy your graduation memories. You can arrange them any which way you please, including changing up the items you chose to save in your keepsake box.

Graduation Tams: How to Wear and Choose One

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Graduation Product Instructions How to Wear a Graduation Tam and Which to Choose You’re probably thinking to yourself “Do I really need instructions on how to wear a tam?” Yes, despite the graduation tam being a mark of higher education. Moreover, the choosing of the correct type of tam isn’t nearly as straightforward. What are tams? Tams are high-quality graduation cap used in …