Education Podcasts to Start Listening to in 2018

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In this guide, we’ve shared some of our favorite education podcasts that are perfect for a long commute or a late-night study session. These days, there are dozens of quality podcasts about in the education field, covering specific teaching techniques, industry advice, and in-depth debates about pedagogies. If you’re just getting started as an educator, or you’re looking to inject …

Useful Apps for Educators

The 7 Most Useful Apps for Educators

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With the ubiquity of smartphones and affordable technology, teachers have access to amazing tools that help with the education process. There are a wide variety of teacher apps available for download, spanning subjects like grading, lesson plans, and teacher networks. We’ve distilled hundreds of apps into seven standouts, which you can download to your mobile device now. Google Classroom: This …

Teacher and Student Discounts

10 Technology, News, and Entertainment Companies that Offer Teacher and Student Discounts

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In this guide, we’ve shared ten technology, news, and entertainment teacher and student discounts that are worth investigating for the spring semester. Teachers and students can take advantage of these academic discounts to upgrade their computing power, travel abroad, buy a newspaper subscription. With tuition hitting new record levels, you can use these exclusive discounts to save money in other …

High School Graduation Rates, by State

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Graduation rates are often used as a barometer for school success. These numbers tend to be overemphasized, but they’re still one of the best indicators of future employability. In this guide, we’ve shared the most recent high school graduation rates by state, and we’ve made some resolutions for next school year. Graduation rates are going up across the country, with …


10 Retail Companies That Offer Teacher and Student Discounts

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In this guide, we’ve shared ten retail teacher discounts and student discounts that can be used to buy comfortable apparel throughout the school year. Whether you’re a teacher or student, it helps to look your best in an academic setting. To that end, these clothing brands will help you transform your wardrobe and start the new semester with a classic …

Useless College Degree Blog

7 Ways to Put your Generic College Degree to Good Use

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Today’s job market is competitive, and college tuition isn’t cheap. This is causing many graduates to ask, what to do with my generic-sounding degree? However, they’re losing sight of the big picture. When it comes to gaining a foothold in the workforce, soft skills are generally more valuable than your college diploma. Below, we’ve shared 7 ways to showcase your …

Studying Abroad

How Studying Abroad Improves Your Candidacy

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How can you change the world if you don’t understand the world? How can you develop a global perspective if you haven’t experienced the world? How can you skillfully interact with people from different cultures if you’ve never immersed yourself in a culture other than your own? It is for this reason that we value the studying or living abroad …

6 Celebrities that were Involved in Greek Life

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Contrary to popular belief, celebrities are normal people. Many of them went to college, joined the Greek system, and graduated with custom letters on their stoles. We tend to focus on the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but these celebrities pledged to an exclusive social network before finding their fame. Below, we’ve shared a list of our 6 favorite celebrities …

10 Weirdest Graduation Speaker Choices

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Graduation speeches are usually uplifting, funny, and heartfelt, but some of the most memorable speakers take the format in a different direction. Below, we’ve shared 10 weird graduation commencement speeches that broke the mold and gave students plenty to ponder. Iconic children’s author Theodor Geisel (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss) was invited to give a commencement speech and accept an honorary degree …

What is the Difference Between a Graduation and Commencement Ceremony?

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In this practical guide, we’ve broken down the definition of “graduation” and “commencement”, and outlined how the terms differ in a few essential ways. Often thought to be interchangeable, graduation and commencement actually refer to distinct periods in the academic timeline.  We tend to use the word “graduation” to describe the day when you receive your diploma, but this is …