The Ultimate College Packing List

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Preparing for college can be an overwhelming process. With so many items to purchase and pack, you’re bound to forget something crucial if you don’t make a list beforehand. Below, we’ve shared the ultimate college packing list, so you have all the essential items to survive your freshman year. Choose a comfortable and stylish backpack that will last for your …

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10 Perfect Cars for Recent Grads

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So you’ve graduated college, and it’s time to head off into the real world. Unless you can bike or take public transportation to your job, you’ll probably be in the market for a commuter car. Below, we’ve shared the 10 best cars for college grads, which offer the most value, reliability, and safety on the market. If you’re looking for …

10 Tips to Follow the Summer Before College 1

10 Tips to Follow the Summer Before College

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High school graduation is a life-changing moment. It marks a transition into adulthood, where many children move out of the house and become fully independent. Once the graduation festivities are over, summer will be in full swing, with college just around the corner. Now is the time to enjoy your friends and family, prepare for college life, and challenge yourself …


10 Apps All Recent College Grads Need on Their Phone

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In this guide, we’ve shared the best apps for recent college grads heading into the real world. These apps can help you find a job, rent an apartment, and find time for quiet reflection. With more than 600,000 properties, RadPad makes it easy to find your first apartment after college. Narrow down your results and search by price, bedrooms, location, …


7 Tips for Scholarship Applications

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Applications for college scholarships can be overwhelming, but don’t get discouraged! Once you’ve devised a plan of attack, the application process will fall into place. Below, we’ve shared how to apply for scholarships with seven practical tips, so that you improve your odds of success. It’s pointless to spend months filling out scholarship applications if you don’t develop a concrete …

What Do PhD Graduation Gown Colors Mean

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With so many collegiate traditions and classifications, it can be hard to understand the difference between the colors. With the wide array of customization options for regalia such as graduation gowns, caps, and tams it can get even more challenging. The doctoral graduation gown, in particular, has additional features such as velvet chevrons and linings, with piping around their edges. …

Common Grad Job Search Mistakes

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If the college grad job search feels like an endless string of rejection, you might be taking the wrong approach. Hiring managers want to find the right person for the job, but if you’re making rookie mistakes, they won’t be able to look past them. Below, we’ve shared how to find a job after college and avoid common stumbling blocks …

Top Graduation Gift Ideas for 2017

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Graduation is a time to celebrate, and grads deserve a reward for all their hard work. When buying a gift for a graduate, try to come up with something that’s fun and practical. Your gift should equip your grad to handle the next chapter of their life, but also support enjoying themselves along the way. Our graduation gift guide will …

5 Interesting Jobs For Economics Majors

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For the math-minded, a degree in economics may be a logical college and career choice. But despite the name, not all professions that require an economics have to do with money. There are different types of economists – many who deal with finances but also others who deal with behavior, psychology and other aspects of social science. Because the field …

Top Places to Travel After Graduation

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Graduation is a time to celebrate, to put the real world on hold for a while, and do some soul searching. It’s also the perfect time to travel before job hunting. Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite graduation trip ideas. Break out of your comfort zone and have a real adventure along the way! Whether you’re finishing high school …