5 Ways to Customize Your Graduation Stoles

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Traditionally stoles are decorative sashes that graduates drape around their shoulders. They can signify special academic achievements or membership to a club. There are Greek graduation stoles, valedictorian stoles, and stoles that recognize field-specific achievements. Your stole is worth customizing because it will be a special keepsake from your graduation. Some people even frame them to hang on their walls …

Homeschool Resources

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15 Great Homeschool Resources With so many blogs about homeschooling out there, it can be hard to find quality lesson plans and printable coursework that’s well-suited for your child. Below, we’ve shared 15 of our favorite homeschool resources, which include personal blogs, how-to guides, and curriculum reviews. We hope these websites help to spark an inspiring phase in your child’s …

College Readiness: Are You Prepared for College?

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College is Starting Soon – Prepare Yourself! At the beginning of the academic year, Yale University surveyed the new Class of 2020. Questions ranged from demographics to relationship status. One of the most surprising results was that less than half of the students felt academically prepared for college. College readiness preparations are vital. While these results were from an Ivy League school, …

How to Plan a Graduation For Homeschooled Students

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Homeschool Graduation Planning Homeschooling offers benefits for many families, but it can have its challenges. One of these struggles is making homeschool graduation seem like the big, life-changing event it is. When your child doesn’t have a class to walk with, academic awards to receive or college plans to share with peers, graduating may not seem like a very big deal …


The Honorable Guide To Honor Societies & Honor Cords

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A Guide To Honor Societies & Graduation Cords Colleges across the world have honor society chapters that recognize students who excel. Specifically, those who excel in academics, leadership, service, research, and extracurricular activities. These honor societies create a community for outstanding students to develop their personal, academic, and professional goals. They foster leadership and business skills. They do so by promoting …

3 Things To Know About College Admissions

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5 Experts Tell Us About College Admissions According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in fall 2015 around 20.2 million students were expected to attend an American college. This figure has increased by almost 5 million since fall 2000. With so much competition to earn a college place and so much conflicting advice out there, applying to college can …

4 Easy Steps to Save on Graduation – Daylight Savings Sale

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GraduationSource Sale Daylight savings is a time we all dread, a time when we have several clocks to adjust, and a million things to do (all at set times), times that all feel a little bit off as your body adjusts to the shift. Here’s one adjustment that we think you won’t dread – one we think you’ll actually rather …

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Ending a Great School Fundraiser

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6 Steps For Ending Your School Fundraiser The helpful GraduationSource eBook “Fundraising for Your School: How to Raise Funds for the Best Graduation Ceremony Possible” contains a detailed and helpful chapter on the best way to end your school fundraiser. Without further ado, here’s a snippet of the chapter entitled “Celebrate Your Success”: Celebrate Your Success! Your school fundraiser event is drawing to a …

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Ideas to Improve Your School Fundraiser

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School Fundraiser Tips A Few Checklist Items For Your Upcoming Fundraiser You’re at an exciting stage of the planning, and it’s time to put everything into motion. You’re ready to go. Everything is set-up, and the event is starting soon. Here are some final steps you’ll want to take to make your school fundraiser a success: Make Your School Fundraiser Delicious …