Best Practices for Your School’s Graduation Landing Page

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Every college, university, and vocational school should have a graduation landing page with essential details about the upcoming ceremony. At a minimum, this should include necessary information about the event location and schedule, as well as a contact email for parents who want to get in touch. In this guide, we’ve shared some best practices for graduation ceremony landing pages …

How to Measure High School Students for Gowns

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In this practical guide, we’ve shared a few useful techniques for graduation cap and gown measurements, so your high school students look their best on graduation day. If you’re ordering custom attire, just follow this measurement process from head to toe, and your cap and gown will fit like a glove. First, you need an accurate way to measure your …

Planning a Kindergarten Graduation

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Springtime is here, and your little Kindergarteners are about to start the next stage of their educational journey. To make the graduation ceremony a truly memorable event, we’ve shared a few Kindergarten graduation ideas that students and parents will appreciate. Sometimes, a few fun decorations and sing-a-longs can make all the difference. In the week leading up to graduation, teachers …

Education Podcasts to Start Listening to in 2018

Jesse Alexander For Educators, Fun Facts

In this guide, we’ve shared some of our favorite education podcasts that are perfect for a long commute or a late-night study session. These days, there are dozens of quality podcasts about in the education field, covering specific teaching techniques, industry advice, and in-depth debates about pedagogies. If you’re just getting started as an educator, or you’re looking to inject …

Useful Apps for Educators

The 7 Most Useful Apps for Educators

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With the ubiquity of smartphones and affordable technology, teachers have access to amazing tools that help with the education process. There are a wide variety of teacher apps available for download, spanning subjects like grading, lesson plans, and teacher networks. We’ve distilled hundreds of apps into seven standouts, which you can download to your mobile device now. Google Classroom: This …

Teacher and Student Discounts

10 Technology, News, and Entertainment Companies that Offer Teacher and Student Discounts

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In this guide, we’ve shared ten technology, news, and entertainment teacher and student discounts that are worth investigating for the spring semester. Teachers and students can take advantage of these academic discounts to upgrade their computing power, travel abroad, buy a newspaper subscription. With tuition hitting new record levels, you can use these exclusive discounts to save money in other …


10 Retail Companies That Offer Teacher and Student Discounts

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In this guide, we’ve shared ten retail teacher discounts and student discounts that can be used to buy comfortable apparel throughout the school year. Whether you’re a teacher or student, it helps to look your best in an academic setting. To that end, these clothing brands will help you transform your wardrobe and start the new semester with a classic …

New Year, New Resolutions for Students. How Teachers Can Help!

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Now that we’re well into 2018, it’s a great time to evaluate our New Year resolutions and check our progress. For students, the winter/spring semester has begun, and work is underway to achieve those big academic goals. To that end, we’ve compiled a few New Year resolution ideas for students, and we’ve offered suggestions for teachers to help their pupils …

Planning Graduation Ceremonies for a Small School

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Graduation is a life-defining day of celebration and reflection. If you’re planning a graduation ceremony for a small school, you can take risks and have more fun. Below, we’ve outlined five graduation ceremony ideas that you can try. Each idea works well with a smaller student body, so graduates feel more connected to the community. First, it’s important to remember that …


5 Unique Graduation Commencement Venues

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In this fun guide, we’ve listed 5 of the best outdoor college commencement venues, found on the most beautiful college campuses in the United States. These aren’t necessarily the highest ranked schools in the country (although many of them are excellent), but they deserve a special mention for such spectacular scenery, and some of the best graduation ceremonies. Hidden in …