Best Practices for Your School’s Graduation Landing Page

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Graduation Landing Page Best Practices

Every college, university, and vocational school should have a graduation landing page with essential details about the upcoming ceremony. At a minimum, this should include necessary information about the event location and schedule, as well as a contact email for parents who want to get in touch.

In this guide, we’ve shared some best practices for graduation ceremony landing pages so that you keep attendees informed and avoid any potential confusion. If you’d like to see a high-quality example, take a look at the Chapman University landing page as you follow along.

Graduation Landing Page 1

Schedule of Events

Your graduation landing page should be as concise as possible, with information organized regarding relevance. Before welcoming visitors to the upcoming event, you should paste the commencement date, time, and location at the top of the page. Then, you can provide a link to another page with the full ceremony schedule.

Graduation Landing Page 2

A Letter from the Dean

For a personal touch, you can include a brief introductory message from the Dean of Students or another high-level administrator. This message will provide greater formality to the event and make the landing page seem more prestigious. You can also include a copy of the dean’s signature at the bottom of the message.

Graduation Landing Page 3

Recommended Attire

It’s important for attendees to know what kind of weather to expect and how formal they should dress. For example, if the ceremony is taking place in a forested location, you may want to remind guests to wear appropriate shoes. Likewise, many commencements are scheduled on a hot and sunny day, so guests may want to bring sunscreen and sunglasses.

Graduation Landing Page 4

Seating Information

Every commencement is a little different depending on the venue and expected attendance. To ensure that the ceremony goes smoothly and everyone gets a seat, you should outline precisely what attendees should expect. For example, you can remind visitors to purchase a ticket if there is limited seating, or to arrive early if no tickets are required. Make sure to provide a link to the ticketing website as well.

Graduation Landing Page 5


On graduation day, parking can quickly turn into a nightmare. With smart planning and advance notice to visitors, you can reduce bottlenecks and improve the overall experience. Here, you should provide a link to a detailed parking map, as well as any information about nearby street parking (or lack thereof).

Graduation Landing Page 6

Additional Information

The bottom of the landing page is perfect for miscellaneous links. You can include useful info about hotels and lodging in the area, popular restaurants, and driving directions from the nearest airport.

Graduation Landing Page 7

Get Building!

Ready to build an effective landing page? By implementing a few graduation ceremony landing page best practices, you’ll ensure that clueless students and helicopter parents get the information they need. For more graduation resources, visit the GraduationSourceĀ  blog and start preparing for the big day!