Useful Apps for Educators

The 7 Most Useful Apps for Educators

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The 7 Most Useful Apps for Educators

With the ubiquity of smartphones and affordable technology, teachers have access to amazing tools that help with the education process. There are a wide variety of teacher apps available for download, spanning subjects like grading, lesson plans, and teacher networks. We’ve distilled hundreds of apps into seven standouts, which you can download to your mobile device now.

Application #1

Useful Apps for Educators 1

Google Classroom: This handy education app syncs with the full suite of Google services, allowing teachers to share the latest homework assignments and reading materials with their students online. Furthermore, you can use Google Classroom to make class-related announcements and share grades more easily.

Application #2

Useful Apps for Educators 2

Remind: Next, this school-focused messaging app allows teachers to get in touch with parents and students. It ensures they don’t forget about upcoming deadlines and events. Use Remind to send group messages to an entire classroom, or start a private discussion with parents. It’s as easy as sending a text. 

Application #2

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ClassDojo: If you’re looking for an all-in-one classroom tool, ClassDojo offers a great platform for community and online learning. More than 90% of K-8 schools in America use ClassDojo to share students’ work, encourage the class, and create groups of students on the fly.  

Application #4

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Epic!: School budgets can get prohibitively expensive when you’re buying textbooks and expanding your student library. With apps like Epic!, educators get unlimited access to more than 15,000 children’s books for free. Up to four students can use the account simultaneously, enabling you to designate multiple tablets for reading time.

Application #5

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Kahoot: You can enhance most lessons with a fun game or group activity, and Kahoot takes this approach with your students’ smartphones. Use the open-ended app to create impromptu quizzes, game shows, and much more. Additionally, you’ll find millions of existing Kahoot games online to utilize in your lesson plans. 

Application #6

Useful Apps for Educators 6

Classtree: If you’re planning a school field trip, there’s no reason to waste time printing consent forms and asking students to pass them to their parents. Instead, you can use Classtree’s secure interface to inform parents about upcoming trips and get their permission with a quick digital signature.

Application #7

Useful Apps for Educators 7

Teach Learn Lead: Finally, this social networking app brings teachers together across the country, so you can meet like-minded colleagues and work through ideas together. The platform makes it easy to pose a question to your network, have a discussion, and share useful materials. 

Ready to use more technology in your lessons?

These teacher apps can transform how you approach the school year, including planning, grading, and student/parent feedback.  Visit the GraduationSource blog for even more resources that can help improve your learning environment.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of these incredible tools!