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10 Technology, News, and Entertainment Companies that Offer Teacher and Student Discounts

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10 Technology, News, and Entertainment Companies That Offer Teacher and Student Discounts

In this guide, we’ve shared ten technology, news, and entertainment teacher and student discounts that are worth investigating for the spring semester. Teachers and students can take advantage of these academic discounts to upgrade their computing power, travel abroad, buy a newspaper subscription. With tuition hitting new record levels, you can use these exclusive discounts to save money in other areas.

Technology Teacher Discounts

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AT&T: Depending on your educational institution, AT&T offers discounted rates for teachers and students. These discounts can cut up to 19% from your phone bill. You must provide a valid school email to qualify.

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Apple: Teachers, administrators, and students can all benefit from Apple’s Edu Store. They offer a 5-10% discount off computers, tablets, and more

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Norton: Students are eligible for a 50% discount off Norton’s security software, which comes in handy when using public wi-fi on campus.

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Adobe: The Adobe Student & Teacher Store has tremendous discounts on software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. For example, you can purchase a Creative Cloud subscription for only $19.99 a month – a 60% discount off the normal pricing.

News Teacher Discounts

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The Wall Street Journal: Students can sign up for a yearly print (or online) subscription to the Journal at a 50-75% discount. They also have a Professor Program, with special discounts and incentives.

Teacher and Student Discounts 2

The Economist: If you have an International Student Identity Card, you’ll qualify for a huge savings on an Economist subscription.

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The New York Times: Students and educators can save money on the Times. Basic access to the digital newspaper is reduced to $1/week for students ($1.88 for teachers). The full Home Delivery package is only $4.75 a week.

Entertainment Teacher Discounts

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Art Museums: Whether you’re taking a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago or the Met, there are special discounts available for teachers and students. Just ask the ticket office!

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Music Streaming Services: At the time of this writing, Spotify and Apple Music both offer a 50% discount on paid subscriptions if you’re a student.

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Amazon Prime: Students who sign up for Amazon Prime will receive six months for free. This includes free two-day shipping, Amazon’s streaming video service, and more. Meanwhile, teachers have access to these amazing Amazon resources.

Bonus Graduation Discounts: Student & Teacher

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Additional Savings

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Ready to save some money? With these academic discounts, you can still subscribe to your favorite news and entertainment, but have lower monthly payments. Visit the GraduationSource blog to see more teacher and student perks.