Intertwind Cords

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Intertwind Cords

Our deluxe intertwined honor cords allow you to choose two complementary or contrasting colors to accent your graduation ensembles and highlight specific star students. Use cords to showcase students who excel in a particular area or who have membership in a specific fraternal or school organization.

Our long and lush honor cords are made from two distinctive colors, with long fiber lengths twisted together and knotted securely at the ends. Each cord is a generous 58 inches long, not including the thick tassels that adorn each end.

These soft and silky graduation accessories are used for a variety of purposes and are designed to be one size fits all. Cords are suitable for men or women on graduation day.

Each set of intertwined cords features :

  • Soft and silky 100% polyester fibers
  • High quality construction with matching tassels at each end
  • Arrives ready to wear on graduation day

Tip: Having a tough time deciding which school color to use on your honor cords? An intertwined model allows you to use both colors together!