Caps & Gowns

Children's Caps, Gowns, and Tassels (Kindergarten, Preschool & Head Start)

The littlest of graduates deserve only the most magnificent gowns for their big day! You can rely on GraduationSource to be a one-stop shop for all your graduation day needs. We have a complete line of kindergarten graduation caps and gowns, tassels and other accessories which are specifically suited to fit the needs of your child.

What makes the line of children’s caps and gowns that we offer best is that they are made from the highest-quality materials. The graduation gowns are made from an elegant, silk-like material that will wrap around your child’s body in a warm embrace. Meanwhile, the kindergarten caps are fit to secure tightly around the head to ensure a perfect secure yet comfortable fit. All of our kindergarten graduation caps and gowns can be acquired through a convenient ordering process. So what are you waiting for? Check out the comprehensive line of magnificent kindergarten graduation caps and gowns that we have, and make your kids look their best on graduation day.

The best seller in the category, the all-in-one package with quality fabric and shiny finish and elegant stitch speaks for itself; the package is priced to sell. The preschool gowns themselves come with a full sturdy zipper of highest quality, with a finish to put a smile on your young graduate's face. The caps are cut on the edges and is made to fit your little graduates in comfort. The mortarboard is sturdy and comes with a button to which the preschool grad tassels hangs on to make it more elegant and gives it a finished look.