Cap & Tassel

Graduation Cap and Tassel Packages for Adults & Teens (High School, Middle School & Elementary School)

Graduation Cap & Tassel Package is a great starter or accessory package for your matching gown only purchase for High School Graduation. Each package contains a tightly wrapped High School Graduation Cap. The Cap is constructed with a firm mortarboard, raised button, and a sturdy, yet comfortable, head portion and has a cardboard where you can filling your information. Along with the Grad Cap comes a shiny tassel and your choice of your signet year attached to it as an entire package.

Matte or shiny? Red, green, blue, white or pink? When you are trying to purchase graduation outfits for your son or daughter, these are just some of the choices that you will be faced with. Fortunately, there is an online store like GraduationSource which makes it ultra-easy for you to browse through the collection of exclusive graduation regalia that we have.

If you want, you can have your child wear shiny caps and tassels. Or, you can opt for matte caps and tassels which will look great against any type of gown. The middle school caps come in both shiny and matte finish with a proper cut with a dazzling middle school graduation tassels to add elegance to you regalia. At the end of the day, what’s important is for you to be aware that when it comes to graduation tassels, gowns and other accessories, you can always rely on to give you exactly what you need. We do not just offer discounted rates and great packages, but we make sure that each and every item that we ship are made from high-quality materials at the same time.