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Graduation Cap, Gown and Tassel Packages for High Schools, Middleschools & Elementary Schools

A Graduation Cap, Gown, & Tassel Package is the most popular graduation package; the all-in-one combines both affordability and comfort with a class finish. Made in both shiny and matte finish to suit your graduation needs. Make biggest purchase for young graduate today and save on this combo, and lay a bright stepping stone for his future education. This package includes all the items needed to make your graduation ceremony a success. We at GraduationSource understand the importance of your special day, as we have been outfitting the world of graduates since 1970.

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The package includes a quality High School graduation gown, created from a 100% comfortable polyester finish, with a mortarboard shiny or matte fabric high school grad cap with an elegant, dazzling finish. Our signets come standard with a year charm. Our Cap, Gown & Tassel Packages boasts an amazing look, durable construction, and comfortable style.