Honor Cords

Graduation Honor Cords for all Ceremonies

Honor cords are an optional accessory that many schools use to set apart various participants in the graduation ceremony. Order cords for academic honors and for graduation officials.

Academic Honors

Graduation Cords in gold or another color that contrasts with the graduation gown can indicate honors such as cum laude, summa cum laude and magna cum laude. Our honor cords come in a wide variety of colors to coordinate with our shiny or matte graduation robes. These beautiful, high quality accessories are an inexpensive way to recognize key people in the graduation ceremony.

Faculty participating in graduation may all wear honor cords in the high school or college colors to indicate their faculty status. Use a special color to indicate marshals so that students can easily identify those who will lead them in the processional. Deans or department chairs may wear contrasting honor cords to set them apart. High schools may want to designate class officers with a special cord as well.

High School, Middle School & Cords

High School Graduation Honor Cords are another great graduation accessory, courtesy of GraduationSource. Each high-quality graduation production is the perfect add-on or addition to a prestigious graduates academic regalia. These great Graduation Cords are available in two great styles, including Single Honor Cord and Double. Each cord is constructed from a high-grade poly/rayon material. These amazing accessories signify prestigious accomplishment and are a must-have for any graduation commencement ceremony.

The middle school graduation honors cord portrays an academic or personal achievement one may earn. Any students who are part of the National Honors Society should be wearing honor cords or sashes. If you're looking for cheap prices on high quality graduation honor cords, you’ve come to the right place. We have no problem selling you 1 honor cord or several. We will also give you a discount on any bulk order you buy from us. You can purchase the honor cord in single and double colors.

Elementary graduation honor cords symbolize an achievement earned by your student for an academic achievement. You can purchase single honor cords or several and save on your entire order. We offer your academic institution a large selection of honor cords and graduation regalia at cheap prices. You can buy velvet honors cords which are even seen in the National Honor Society.