Graduation Collars for all Ceremonies

If your graduation regalia does not include hoods or stoles, consider collars for your graduates. They are a great way to dress up a plain neckline on a graduation gown. While men have shirt collars and neckties to fill in the top edges of their robes, women can look a bit bare and plain without a hood, stole or collar. At our discounted prices, plain white collars make an attractive and affordable neckline accessory. Graduation collars are made of fine fabric to add a glow and give a bright finish to your regalia. Currently we offer in plain white color and bright gold made of shiny polyester to meet your standard requirement. Graduation middle school collars are made from the finest shiny white and gold fabric to make it perfect fit and elegant addition to your graduation regalia. Affordable pricing and great discounts makes us the leading source for all graduation accessories online.